WEG and ARIS F.C. renew their sponsorship for season 2019-2020!

Aris F.C. and Topsystem Group renewed their sponsorship for WEG lubricants, which will sponsored in Kl. Vikelidis for the new season. Topsystem has renewed its partnership with the Mars football team for the 2019-2020 season. Last year’s excellent collaboration, where the Group advertised WEG Lubricants on LED screens, was renewed this year as well. So […]

From the past… to the future!

WEG Lubricants Group has managed to distinguish in recent years, because it has what was missing from the market. And was that that? The direct contact of the professional engineers with the company itself, the new oil formulas and the latest technological high-quality lubricants. Also, WEG lubricants has the will to create a customer network […]

WEG lubricants sponsors the return of Aris FC. in Greek Superleague!

WEG Lubricants came with an agreement with Aris FC and they will be advertised  in Kleanthis Vikelidis for the 2018-2019 season, on the return of “God” Aris in Superleague 1 championship, since almost 5 years! WEG lubricants that have been in the lubricants industry since 1996, will have their presence in one of the strongest […]

23rd RALLY SPRINT “Fillipos”

Driver: Dimitris Matsaras Co-driver: Ioanna Georgaka Congratulations to Dimitris Batsaras and Ioanna Georgaka, where besides the problems that were faced , they managed to gain the 6th place in the whole tournament!  .          

The difference between lubricant and grease

Selecting a lubricant Q. How can I determine whether to use oil or grease in a particular machine application? A. First, it helps to understand the differences between these lubricants. Lubricating oil consists of either mineral or synthetic oil combined with additives, such as rust or oxidation inhibitors, and antiwear or extreme pressure (EP) additives. […]

Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather

You’re Driving on Snowy or Icy Roads: Slow down. Even if you have all-wheel drive, reduce your speed about 10 miles per hour below the speed limit. If it still feels iffy, cut back another five miles per hour until you’re comfortable. Beware of black ice. It’s nearly impossible to see this crystal-clear glaze, but you can […]