From the past… to the future!

WEG Lubricants Group has managed to distinguish in recent years, because it has what was missing from the market. And was that that? The direct contact of the professional engineers with the company itself, the new oil formulas and the latest technological high-quality lubricants. Also, WEG lubricants has the will to create a customer network that knows the lubricant, as good as each part of a car.

Today in our article from the past to the future, we will briefly present to you how a company has managed to promote its products in Greece and step by step grows up to the preferences of all car engineers.

Below, through pictures, you will see how WEG lubricants has been developed over these years…

The first WEG logo in 1996…


Later in 2009 changed in this form.

In 2015 the renewal of the logo, highlights the word lubricants for the first time.

The latest renewal of the logo, made in March 2018.


WEG has  created strong partnerships with its customers in recent years, creating a strong product loop network across Greece. Below you will see some pictures of her collaborations. Subsequently, WEG became widely known both inside and outside Greece, through exhibitions and magazines, newspapers, radios, websites,  as well as football teams in Greece .WEG also has a few moments of publicity in German television from a show that deals with the automotive sector, in a reportage about Greek workshops.

Transport Show Fair in 2015 in Athens (ΜΕΚ Paianias).


Images from the Presentation Meeting in Nafplion of the magazine “The Workshop”(To Sinergeio) in 2016.


Photo shooting to present WEG products at THESS NEWS, newspaper of Thessaloniki.



From German TV show about car industry in August 2018.


Metrosport Newspaper (reportage about PAOK Thessaloniki)


Advertisements in magazines from 2007 since today, to magazines like: Auto-Triti, To synergeio, Thess-news.











Collaborations with football teams:

Iraklis Thessaloniki FC, for the period 2015-2016


Aris FC , for the period 2018-2019


Finally, collaborations in other media, such as Thessaloniki Radio 94.5FM and Metropolis Radio 95.5FM





You still did not became a member of this great team of lubricants?

For more information please contact our headquarters in Thessaloniki at +30 2310 510430, +30 23820 29926 and in Athens at +30 210 280 12 06 and +30 210 280 12 07.

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