The new diesel emission regulation has been in force in Europe since 2006 with Euro 4, Euro 5, and recently Euro 6 standards. The emissions regulation is spreading rapidly across the world and by 2020 it will probably become mandatory at a global level.

Today, all manufacturers of trucks and agricultural machinery produce engines that respect the emission limit, thanks to innovative SCR technology combined with the use of AdBlue®. In recent years, however, carmakers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW are advancing in the manufacture of SCR technology, an AdBlue particulate filter for diesel vehicles.

In the near future, AdBlue® and small-engine engines will be required to comply with the regulation.
The SCR process requires AdBlue® as the reducing agent for absolute purity. The AdBlue® of WEGBLUE is an ultra-pure 32.5% urea solution. It is absolutely safe and environmentally harmless.


The specifications, the process and the means of production of the product are certified by VDA. In the SCR process, this high-quality solution reduces the diesel pollutant emissions of diesel engines by up to 90%.

Wegblue® is a completely safe and clean liquid. It is classified in the lowest category as harmful to water (Class 1) and is absolutely safe to use for both the vehicle and the driver. Wegblue® is not a fuel additive. Learn from MSDS.


Wegblue® is now available in an innovative 1-liter package for cars, as well as in 10 and 20-liter containers as well as in 1000 L tanks. The 10-liter tank has a built-in tubing for easier spillage.

To serve customers in larger quantities, Wegblue® can be transported and disposed of with our new ultra-modern tank truck. This special 24-tonne vehicle is equipped with certified pumping, measurement, quality control and delivery proofs.